Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WIll Your Heart and Soul Say Yes... The Resurrection

Will Your Heart and Soul Say Yes?

We have come to CELEBRATE this glorious day; after Jesus, the King of all Kings made Himself the sacrifice for us all. For He was bruised and disfigured for us… He was chastised and pierced for us… He was hung high and mocked for us. And later, HE gave up His own life and died for us... all the while spewing out that essential blood that bathed his whole entity. Oh this blood trickled down with miraculous power just for you and me. This is the blood that reaches generations to generations, that goes from the highest mountains and down to the lowest of valleys. It is our redemption.
Now we shall in deed glory in the fact that it didn’t stop there. For Our Savior victoriously defeated the plan and power of the Enemy to completely transform and liberate us all. We celebrate this day as we remember that our Lord and Savior defeated death’s sting. We celebrate this day as the day where in which He resurrected Himself to reign as the I AM, the Alpha and Omega, the Living Word, The Way, the Truth and the Life, Our Redeemer, Our Deliverer, Our True Shepherd, the lover of our souls, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He has risen for us… He has risen for us…He has risen for us…and set before us a new life filled with victory, power, abundance, freedom, and everlasting joy! Oh what love! Hallelujah! The King is exalted!

(Pause) Do we truly take into account the reality and significance of this day?

Centuries to decades, months and days have passed. Today, we have impeccably dressed ourselves in our best. We joyfully come into churches and fill rows worldwide to praise, worship, give honor to, glorify and rejoice in His Name…but what about tomorrow? Do you realize there is so much more to Jesus than we can ever imagine? He wants you and I closer…higher and even the more infatuated to Him. Do you hear Him calling? After today, would we really take the time to listen for and obey His voice…can we take on the call that Christ has set out for us individually? Do we know what this call is? Would we strive to really serve Him?
Would we submit ourselves even the more to Him and stay committed? Would we advance to the next levels in Him or are we satisfied with where we are? From the youngest to the most seasoned of saints, do you realize that there is more He has for you? And there is more He requires from you? Can we truly say, "Yes", to our resurrected Savior? Would we really say yes to His will… even if it goes against our own…Not just with our mouths, but with our whole heart, mind and being…and walk daily in it? For what good is a resurrection Sunday if we can’t ultimately rise with Him? For He resurrected Himself to resurrect us all! He’s willingly offering eternal life…will you say Yes? He is offering tremendous peace, joy, love, direction, provision, comfort and above all, authority. Will you say yes? Don’t put limits on yourself and especially don’t limit the One True God. Your genuine service has been observed. Your heart has been felt. Your weaknesses and tears have been seen. Your sin has been paid for no matter how disgusting, Your past mistakes have been erased, your guilt, shame, struggle have been traded for victory. For every hindrance has been knocked down! WE ARE FREE!!! …But you must declare to Him your Yes! For your true yes, will change your whole life whether you are new in Him or mature in Him… Will you, can you really say yes? Can you make this day the next transformation and elevation of your life? For there are more to come. He is calling you higher! He is calling us higher! Will your heart and soul say yes?

Love... a Fruit of the Spirit


Love, it’s the most precious commodity on the face of this earth and throughout the Universe, for eternity.
How sweet, how pleasant, how warm, how serene, how loyal and pure, truthful and patient. It is careful, joyful, optimistic and graceful.
It is open, never hidden yet protected for its delicacy. It is driven and not pretended. It overwhelms, yet brings out the best in you and me. This love reaches the highest of heights and delves down into the lowest of lows to capture thee. Oh how passionate, oh how fortunate, the receiver of this love… it cannot be forsaken or ever mistaken for anything imitated.
It is full and continuous - not limited by anything. It flows with warm, yet genuine currents, sure to suck you in. Who, tell me who can resist this true unadulterated love? Who can go a day without this love? For you who confess I pity you for you I am remised.
Don’t shield this love, block this love, forsake this love or be afraid of this love from leaving or coming to or from you. It is sacred, it is holy, and it has authority. It dwells in me and oh how it dwells in you and when the two are released and combined…true ecstasy it will bring… forever… that’s what this love is.
God’s love is excellent; God’s love is pure. For love He is and love He’ll always be and this love must radiate from you and from me.
Insatiable love; it’s the most precious commodity on the face of this earth and throughout the Universe … for eternity.

Purpose and Destiny

Purpose and Destiny

Have you ever been in a situation where frustration hit? Where you were uncomfortable and getting annoyed by it? You have to ask yourself, ‘Am I angry or frustrated because I am finding out truths about myself, innate and outwards? Or is it because of experiences that make me feel this negative emotion? Be honest!

Can this experience be the buffer that is destined to smooth you out; dealing with something that seems contrary but actually the anecdote for your cleanliness?’ It is realized that friction comes when something is being pressured, rubbed and or put together. Action is present and the results are outstanding

Analyze what’s around you. Is there a crutch? When is having a crutch necessary or excessive? Is it possible to exhaust that which was to be for a moment or just a warning? Was there ever a need for it? What are the crutches in your life mentally, socially or even spiritually? We all must realize the crutches in our lives! In due time, you have the ability to walk and run to bring about the healing and purpose you were destined for.

The truth in you can and will be revealed as you realize and accept that you contain truth; your own truth; specifically designed and unique truth. It is your purpose and design that is intricately woven within and bustling to reveal itself.

You may realize that as you try to fit into, belong or reside in cracks or spaces no longer meant for you, you will squeeze yourself; causing pain or shaving off that which has been placed on you. In other words, altering your purpose and design. Pressure is now present - discomfort is now at hand - a shift must come!

Being accepted is important only when one accepts him or herself. Truths are thus revealed. So is the understanding of, “this is not for me” or “oh yes, this is what I need,” which will then be appreciated and practiced. Anything contrary to this is a lie. Get out of the lie. People can respect you more when you respect the truth, purpose and design set for you-those who don’t are known as your true enemies. For them, they can’t understand - or even care to. But who should care what they think? You can’t! Yet they are usually the ones who can be the best buffer. What is your niche? You can obtain more than one: Academics, emotions, designed path... but you can’t be of another’s.

What are your standards? Don’t set the bar too low trying to conform to that of another - thinking that, that is where acceptance lies. Hence, missing out on the blessings, opportunities, and other expectant things awaiting you. The true you can’t be, if always in the reflection [or pathway] of another.

Acceptance of you is golden. Change is constant. Yet, change is only true when change brings out in you purpose and designed destiny. Don’t change for false change -these results can be deadly- deadly to Spirit, mind and body. But change for growth, appropriateness, respected and earned power - for the appropriate place in the world you’re in. Breaking from the old, into the new... at the appropriate time… for the real reason to fulfill the real you through the One who strengthens you. Allow yourself to be broken, purified and strengthened. Believe me – its ok…that is your breakthrough to change!

Prosperity cometh to the one who spends, saves or invests wisely. And this is not meant to talk about money. Take the advice, the experiences, triumphs, defeats, setbacks, sorrows, joys and fears, expectancies and the un- expectancies, fantasies and love- and let it prosper you to truth.

It’s ok to realize the pitfalls – and better yet the reasons of it - that how you realize where you are and rise to destined heights. It’s ok to be disappointed- only to know that you will bring about the change to be where you really are appointed. It’s all a stepping stone. Step. One at a time. Take in the view- but don’t let it hinder you from the ones ahead, for they lead you to destiny.

No Matter.

No Matter.

No matter who he, she, it is …

…Put Me first
…Stay focused
…Guard your heart, mind and most importantly, your spirit
…stay in Me
…Love Me more
…Obey and follow Me always.

-Your Maker

So... I Have to Pass This Test!

So…I Have To Pass This Test

So . . . I Have To Pass the Test?

The test of standing up for yourself…
Upholding that which is dear; staying strong in belief, integrity and honor; knowing how to say “NO” and put all others who test or what goes against this-
In order!

So … "You Have To Pass the Test"?

Seeing man as Man with the illuminating changing graces and love of the Father
Honoring them, yet, if need be, putting them under subjection when the world enters out of their being instead of that Godly state.

So . . . "You Have To Pass the Test!"

Seeing and treating yourself as the Temple of God
The Sanctuary and the Dwelling Place of the Holy One
Not to let ANYTHING poisonous, sinful, or tempting trespass against or within or from that which makes up me.

So . . . You Have To Pass This Test!

Completing what was started
Obtaining what has been destined to be
Disconnecting all of the burdensome distractions and frailties
Closing all cracked and or left open windows and doors
The one that the enemy in any shape form [or circumstance] can creep into and alter the trueness and purity given . . . as a gift, yet a mantle from above.

Yes! I Will Pass This Test!

With the Lord on my side
Using all that has been provided
From strength to grace, love to peace, conquering abilities to faith leaping possibilities;
Wisdom to spiritual maturity,
Through discernment and unique intimacy
Relying on the only Source, and not my uncertain ins and outs you see…

. . . "You Will Pass This Test!"

For it will prove your authenticity to the Holy One. It will pave the way for the others looking around and following behind you.
Here, in the land of preparation, I shall gain all to be prepared in order to pass the test given - with confidence, assurance, being level-headed and no infractions: no need to cheat or worse yet, a defeat.
All that has been sought, experienced- (visually, physically, spiritually)- understood and learned shall be positively reflected back on the assigned days of spiritual assessment – the quest to see if the Father’s attributes and qualities has successfully been transferred onto you.

YOU Are DESTINED To Pass This Test - Hallelujah!

For I once read and dearly believe that my Honored One has declared the end from the beginning.
He will not let you stumble or never ever leave you – even in the valley or near the hands of the enemy.
Our God shall prevail and even through your weakest hour, through Him, you shall be the strongest;
For the I Am is with me, to lead, guide and to shield me.
His tender mercies, prime examples and Holy Spirit shall quicken you
Since there is no failure in Him- the Almighty God- there is no room for failure in you; His chosen,
His sheep;
His reflected beauty.

Obedience . . . is the answer key!



At Calvary’s cross laid my Savior;
At Calvary’s cross, He had a plan.
At Calvary’s Cross, He knew the outcome;
At Calvary’s cross, He never gave it up.
At Calvary, my Savior defeated sin;
Yes at Calvary, my Lord stepped in – on my behalf just to make me free from the entanglements of the enemy.
Oh Jesus, that’s my Savior’s name,
came to earth just to proclaim His purpose, His Power and His Glory through the duty portrayed on Calvary.

He saw me – He knew me in the darkened pit where all hope and glory was absent; where only despair and pain endured. My Savior got placed on that rugged cross as a plan for my escape!
Oh yes up so high, He looked down at me, towards the pit, and gave me such a stare as if to say, “On my command – I want you to flee away from this pit and straight towards Me. For in a moment, all power will be in My hands down here on earth and oh yes in the heavens. There won’t be any devil in hell who can or will prevail against you any longer- his torments won’t destroy you and his chains would no longer hold you. His temptations shall be doused and you will be free – all because of Me.
Now My child, look up at Me, incline your ears and focus just on Me.
Do you hear the sound of these nails being driven into Me? Each one is a countdown to your release.” BANG! “Get the enemy behind you.” BANG! “That’s right, just focus on ME… I see your face. I feel your pain, mixed with uncertainty of what and why I’m about to do- just what I must –it’s for My purpose and yours. Oh my, this hurts beyond compare but I am determined to see it through until the plan is accomplished- almost there. I am feeling weaker by the second, for I am now drained, not just of energy but of this substance, this liquid from within. Yes my blood is being poured out for you - to be that safety blanket that keeps you safe from the fires of the pit you once belonged in. I did just use the past- tense for the word belong because…”BANG! “…The time has come, My work here is done, I’m going to exchange places with you in a moment in a twinkling. You see, I don’t want you tormented. I don’t want you bound. I don’t want to see you outside of hallowed ground. So my dear, as I breathe my last, there’s just one thing left to say. As I look towards heaven, My home sweet home… but can’t see My Father any more, I feel His absence – He has forsaken Me- for the transfer is half way complete. I took on your sins so you can have salvation – but now My Father doesn’t want anything to with Me – I cry out, but there is no response – my attention is now to the ground, not in despair, but with joy you see, for the gates of hell can not ever defeat Me.
Ok My child, here it comes, for these few words require all of your action. When you hear the next three words all I want you to do is RUUUUN!

RUUUUN!!! – Yes, you have been released. RUUUUN!!!! I am only here to get the keys and destroy the works, plan and authority of the enemy. For all authority belongs to Me.”

My Blood has you ever so safely; now open your heart so you can receive Me – for though my home is set on high, I long to reside, really inside of your being. I have washed you clean, I have pardoned the charges, and I have removed the filth that one encompassed you.
Oh that devil is truly is defeated. For he is completely under My feet - and yours. For you see, the power I possess has also been given to you. Have faith and it will work effectively to do all that I have on earth and more and to put Satan and his workers back in their place. He may try to get you- his only plan of attack is to be cunning.
But my child, remember the blood, remember the look I gave you from on top of Calvary and take it seriously – for all of that was wrapped up in mercy and grace.
That blood that you’re in is more powerful than you now think. Work it, display it and RUUUUN away in total victory.”


-From the voice of Christ.

Thank you Lord!

Joy... a Fruit of the Spirit


Joy; an expression and state of grandeur worn as a crown; an unexplainable, uncontrollable essence of glee to an infinite degree. It is always ignited, energized, delighted, and in constant harmony. Oh, its rich, never lacking the power to radiate affection, attention, motivation and splendor. Oh how remarkable, yes and beautiful to feel this way and to have others see. Let it be known that joy is one that is highly infectious! The Spirit of joy is truly unfathomable and unspeakable, but unmistakably identifiable. For it contaminates and infects the inner most parts of ones soul; wipes away the effects of all ailments. Like a host, it completely takes over and rules everything in or around its pathway; illuminating what is dark and dreary on the inside so brilliantly that it penetrates to the outside of ones being - spreading its effects all over ones movements, actions and face! What are its symptoms you may ask? You will smile the smile of a Cheshire cat, there is a tendency to feel light and never weighed down. Ones sight is clear, optimistic, and in brighter view. Ones steps are jovial; it causes one to laugh; sometimes quietly… sometimes boisterously. It rejoices, brings gratitude, and fortitude for sure
One must let another see or feel its release ‘cause its highly contagious and you are not immune. Reactions are sudden and hard to mask or erase. Honestly, once hit, one would be wise to abandon any prescription – just let it take its course.
Joy makes up the Spirit of the Father. His Presence is so full that it rains out of Himself, though never runs out for its meant to saturate His people indefinitely, which in turn longs to impregnate this world,

Receive the fullness of the Lord’s Joy!